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Interested in hair extensions? Here's what you need to know...


How do beaded weft sew-in hair extensions work?

Beaded weft extensions, or hand-tied hair extensions as they are also known, are composed of hair that is sewn onto a horizontal strip, or weft. I can “sew” the weft into your hair by pairing small portions of the extension’s strands with small batches of your own strands and securing it with a bead at the “roots.” The weft keeps the hair from tangling, which will save you time and frustration while styling. The beads on the weft will match the color of the extensions and will keep the extensions attached to your hair securely. The beads are silicone, which will protect both your hair and the extensions.


Q-Weft extensions (known as Micro Weft or Genius Weft) has a combination of similar qualities as both Hand Tied Weft and Machine Weft extensions. They're the perfect option if you want a finer and more durable alternative to the already great Hand Tied Weft.


One of the best attributes of this system is its seamless installation. Because of it's fineness, they lay perfectly flat to the scalp for a more comfortable feel. Also, they can be cut anywhere to customize to the width of your head without any chances of weft unraveling similar to our Machine Weft Extensions. It can be installed with my Weft and/or CAMO method to get the same flawless results.



Get your extensions touched up every 8-10 weeks.

It’s important that you have your beaded weft extensions maintained by a professional. Your hair is growing, which will loosen the weft over time. Styling and daily hair care can also wear out extensions over time. When you have your extensions maintained, I will move the wefts up and closer to your scalp. This will keep the wefts invisible and better attached to your hair.


You can expect to wear you extensions for around a year or more with good hair care and regular maintenance. 



The Hair

18-inch - $327.54 per pack
22-inch - 380.54 per pack
24-inch - $412.34 per pack

*includes tax, shipping, and shipping insurance 

*1 pack for volume only. 2 packs for length and volume.

Install and move-ups

1 row - $100
2 rows - $200
3 rows - $300

*Move-ups are required every 8-10 weeks. 

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