• Jason Chrisman

$30 peekaboo POP of color

If you've been in recently I've probably tried talking you into a pop of color. It could be just a little pale pink hidden under your bangs or a big splash of color throughout.

At $30, $60, or $90 I can customize the impact to fit your personality and your budget.

Book online or text me if you have additional questions.

Take a look at a few inspiration photos I've chosen. Or Google your own "peekaboo hair color" and send me your ideas! Or better yet let me pic for you!

This is a BIG pop of bright, fun color underneath another bright, stunning color. There is nothing about this I don't love. It was brave to mix 2 warm tones but damn it paid off!

A few ribbons of aqua. See how it's bold but still subtle?

This dark purple emerging from behind a blonde shattered layer gives a bigger impact.

Now this one is interesting. Please note that she is the same girl as the purple (look at the tattoo) so that white hair you're going to ask me for is probably a wig BUT look how they've mixed 2 opposite tones of blonde.

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